Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc (NASDAQ: KTOS)

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. provides mission critical products, services, and solutions in the United States and internationally. The company’s Kratos Government Solutions segment offers services comprising weapon systems sustainment, lifecycle support, and extension; command, control, communications, computing, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance services, including cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, information assurance, and situational awareness solutions; military range operations and technical services; missile, rocket, and weapons systems test and evaluation; mission launch services; modeling and simulation; unmanned aerial vehicle products and technology; advanced network engineering and information technology services; and public safety, security, and surveillance systems integration. Its Public Safety & Security segment provides independent integrated solutions for homeland security, public safety, critical information, and security and surveillance systems.

To review Kratos’ stock, please take a look at the 1-year chart of KTOS (Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.) below with my added notations:

1-year chart of KTOS (Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.)

Over the last 8 months KTOS has consistently moved higher and during that time the stock has also formed a nice trend line of support (blue). Always remember that any (2) points can start a trend line, but it’s the 3rd test and beyond that confirm its importance. Obviously KTOS’s trend line is important to the stock since it has been tested on multiple occasions over the last 8 months. In addition, the stock is sitting on the same $8 level that it found support at back in October.


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The Tale of the Tape: KTOS has both a trend line support and an $8 support. A long position could be entered on a pullback to $8, with a stop placed below that level. A short position could be entered if KTOS were to break below $8, which would also be a break of the trend line support.

Before making any trading decision, decide which side of the trade you believe gives you the highest probability of success. Do you prefer the short side of the market, long side, or do you want to be in the market at all? If you haven’t thought about it, review the overall indices themselves. For example, take a look at the S&P 500. Is it trending higher or lower? Has it recently broken through a key resistance or support level? Making these decisions ahead of time will help you decide which side of the trade you believe gives you the best opportunities.

No matter what your strategy or when you decide to enter, always remember to use protective stops and you’ll be around for the next trade. Capital preservation is always key!

Good luck!

Christian Tharp, CMT

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