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Avnet Inc. (NYSE: AVT)

Avnet, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, is an industrial distributor of electronic components, enterprise computer and storage products and embedded subsystems. It distributes electronic components, computer products and software as received from its suppliers or with assembly or other value added by Avnet. It provides engineering design, materials management and logistics services, system integration and… Continue Reading »

Pioneer Natural Resources Co. (NYSE: PXD)

Pioneer Natural Resources Company is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the United States and South Africa. Pioneer is a holding company whose assets consist of direct and indirect ownership interests in, and whose business is conducted substantially through, its subsidiaries. The company sells homogenous oil, natural gas liquid… Continue Reading »

Molycorp, Inc. (NYSE: MCP)

Molycorp, Inc. is a rare earth oxide producer in the Western hemisphere. Molycorp owns developed rare earth projects outside of China. The company also owns rare earth oxide and rare metal producer in Europe. Molycorp is the producer of rare earth alloys in the United States. It has three operating segments: Molycorp Mountain Pass, Molycorp… Continue Reading »

Comstock Resources Inc. (NYSE: CRK)

Comstock Resources, Inc. is engaged in the acquisition, development, production and exploration of oil and natural gas. The company’s oil and gas operations are concentrated in East Texas/North Louisiana, South Texas and West Texas. The company’s consolidated proved oil and natural gas reserve base is 85% natural gas and 15% crude oil. Its proved reserves… Continue Reading »