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Todays Big Stock: eBay, Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY)

From time to time I like to give readers a heads up on potential trading opportunities. Before considering any trades that I might outline in Chart School, always remember that you must decide for yourself if you like the trade. One key factor in making that decision will be to decide which side of the… Continue Reading »

Todays Big Stock: Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Like a rude party guest, Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT ) timing always seems to be off. Less than a month after spending $8.5 billion on Skype, Microsoft saw the VoIP carrier’s software choke on an errant file, keeping some users from logging in and making calls yesterday. “A small number of you may have had problems… Continue Reading »

Todays Big Stock: Transocean LTD (NYSE:RIG)

Last week I wrote an article in regards to the potential trading opportunities for the oil stocks SLB (Schlumberger) and CXO (Concho Resources). Another oil stock that has caught my eye is RIG (Transocean). So, let’s take a look at the 1-year chart of RIG (Transocean) below with my added notations: RIG has created a… Continue Reading »