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S&P rally seems to be over…for now.

Well, we’ve had it good for a couple of months now. The markets have run up somewhere around 15%, the elections are out of the way and QE2 is no longer a mystery. As a matter of fact, it would appear that the markets expectedly rallied in anticipation of those elections and the QE2 announcement…. Continue Reading »

Are silver and gold done?

As most of you know from reviewing my previous Chart School newsletters, it is somewhat important to follow the commodity and/or currency markets to gauge the stock markets possible direction. Over the past several months in particular, there has been a direct link between the rising stock market, rising commodities and sinking dollar. If one… Continue Reading »

Keep your pants up!

As the saying goes: “Don’t get caught with your pants down!” Last week the market broke to new highs on the Fed’s announcement of QE2. I am in the camp that the installment of another QE program isn’t necessarily good news in the long run. Regardless, the markets rallied nicely at the end of the… Continue Reading »

What to watch for on Wednesday

As everyone knows by now, today’s elections and Wednesday’s Fed announcement are probably going to be pivotal in dictating the stock market’s next big move. For the most part, the market hasn’t moved much over the last week or two. So, what will the market do after Tuesday and Wednesday? Well, it would appear that… Continue Reading »

Rally vs. Dollar – Update

Since I last reviewed the market’s rally and the correlation to the dollar, the markets have continued to grind their way slightly higher. This bodes the question of whether or not anything has changed since my last review. First, I’ve previously made my case that the rise and/or fall of the dollar is the key… Continue Reading »