Christian Tharp, CMT

Christian Tharp, CMT, is an expert stock market coach who has helped thousands of beginner and advanced investors around the world take control of their financial futures. His Certified Market Technician (CMT) designation substantiates him as an expert in areas such as the technical analysis of stock trends, market indicators, cycles, system testing, Elliot Wave principles, Candlestick charting, analyzing financial trends and behaviors, portfolio strategies, and forecasting future price movements.

After more than ten years of trading and four years of coaching students how to make money in the stock market, Christian’s straightforward approach to simple, systematic trading has made him a much sought-after coach. He only accepts students who are truly serious about making money in the stock market, regardless of the current market conditions.

As a result of his dynamic coaching, students learn how to strategically assess buy signals and market entry timing, establishment and management of stop losses, and how to employ a simple and disciplined trading approach that creates profits. Christian’s passion for, and expertise in the market, coupled with his unique delivery skills, has resulted in thousands of successful trades acknowledged through the ongoing accolades from students.

Before joining the Adam Mesh Trading Group, Christian’s portfolio of professional achievements included real estate sales and investments as well as ownership of several successful business ventures.

Christian is currently a chartered member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) and a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Christian Tharp, CMT
Chief Technical Analyst for “The Adam Mesh Trading Group”
Columbus, OH